New Member Announcement | Bowman Insurance Group

Bowman Insurance Group LLC, located in Rogersville, MO, is the newest agency to join VIAA!  Jessica Bowman has over 11 years in the industry and was an account manager for a successful Farmers Agency. Jessica is a wonderful addition to VIAA as she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. We are excited to see […]

New Member Announcement | STL Risk Management

Todd Matzat and his agency, STL Risk Management LLC, is an exciting new addition to the VIAA family! Matzat is a graduate from the University of Missouri with a degree in International Business. Professionally, he has worked primarily in life insurance, however he is also a professional artist. Located in St. Louis, STL Risk Management […]

Finding the Right Technology

The task of starting an independent agency can seem turbulent and intimidating to those who first consider it. However, once one looks at the benefits of increased revenue and access to markets, it’s easy to come to conclusion that it is the best choice for your agency. So far, we’ve walked through the first two […]

How To Get Carrier Representation

As you’ve seen from my first article in this series (How to start and Independent Agency in 5 steps) and my second (How to register your agency name), I’m passionate about helping captive agents move into the independent agent marketplace. I firmly believe the opportunities afforded in this space are numerous and set us up […]

How To Register Your Agency Name

Last week, we laid out the fundamentals of starting your own, independent insurance agency. As you likely know, the prospect of starting your own agency can feel intimidating. The list of things to do can seem overwhelming. That said, though it may be hard work, the fundamentals can be broken down in five, simple steps; […]

How to Start an Independent Agency in Five Steps

At VIAA, we strive to help aspiring independent agents make the move to an independent agency as seamless as possible. I often call on captive agents to discuss the opportunity and ownership afforded to them in the independent agency space. The question I get the most is, “I don’t even know how to do that! […]

Branding a Family Insurance Business

So how do you turn an Insurance Agency into full-fledged community brand? Meet the Baileys. Christine and Mark are a husband and wife team and co-owners of Bailey Family Insurance in Springfield, Illinois. Hear how they are turning a start-up independent insurance agency into a successful business one technology at a time. No, that’s not […]

Making the switch from a Captive to Independent Agency

Successfully Navigating from Captive Agency to Independent Agency. Doug Coombs, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, SIAA Listen to a discussion with two independent agents who were previously captive agents. Why did they make the move and what did it take? At two different stages of independence (in terms of duration), did they take the […]

How do you run a profitable Insurance Agency?

To run a successful business, you must operate in a profitable manner. Your staff and their families depend on you to be successful for their livelihood and happiness. Additionally, your clients depend on you to continually serve them with high quality carriers with great coverage. The question now becomes, how do you run a profitable […]

Employee Spotlight
Janice Dunphy

Our VIAA (Valley Insurance Agency Alliance) family highly values all of our employees. Each month spotlight one of our employees to show them how much we appreciate their success in our agency. This month we have spotlighted Janice Dunphy. Janice is greatly valued as our Illinois Regional Vice President. She has been with our family […]

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