Start Selling | Step 5 in the process of starting your own independent agency

At this point, you’ve followed us through the exciting process of starting your own independent agency. Once you’ve chosen a name, gotten carrier representation, found the right technology, and created your agency’s processes and procedures, it is finally time to start selling! For most agents, this is the most exciting part! However, selling as a captive agent is much different than selling as an independent agent. Thankfully, we have some tips and tricks to get started.

So Many Choices!

One of the biggest reasons people move to the independent space is to give themselves and their clients more choices! As a direct writer, you’ve no doubt had to turn clients away because they didn’t fit your underwriting guidelines. Fortunately, in the independent space, you’ll have access to an array of markets so that you can find the best value and fit for your client. This makes selling so much easier.

Setting and Achieving Goals

The first thing to do when you’re wanting to start selling, is to set goals that are both achievable and impressive. We have years of experience to help you determine the best goal for your agency. From there, we can give you guidance on how to reach those goals.

The first and most important step being creating a network. Establishing networks of influence and creating referral partners is crucial to success in sales. There are many ways to go about this and everyone will likely tell you something slightly different. VIAA has a proven sales strategy that we’ve seen members use to reach high levels of success. This is something we love to coach members on to help them succeed.

Continuing Education

Beyond our development team, we are able to provide you many outlets for continuing education. Whether you’re wanting to break into commercial lines, explore a new niche, or master your skills, we have access to the classes that can help you! When you join an established team, you have access to everything you need to perfect your craft.

Tools In Place

Once you have the tools in place to successful sell, you are set on the road to success. Using strong selling techniques, paired with the foundations we have laid out in our previous articles, you are set up for success. All you need to do at this point is commit to joining the lucrative and thrilling world of independent insurance!

Take the Plunge

If you think you’re ready to take the exciting plunge into the world of independent insurance, reach out to us! We’d love to cat! You can reach Clinton Mudd at 314-333-4932 or 618-960-5839. Additionally, he can be reached at

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