Thinking about joining a network?

Questions you need to ask

Before partnering with any sort of aggregator, you need to ask the right questions to fully understand what you can expect from an insurance alliance, network, group, cluster, or franchise.

Get the below questions answered and you will better understand the misconception of book ownership, the relationship with the carriers,  and the ongoing tech and coaching support to help you scale your agency.

We look forward to answering these questions for you!

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Questions About

Book Ownership

To understand the full value of your hard work and to maximize your retirement plan ask these questions: 

Questions About

Carriers and Compensation

To understand the carrier relationship and how your agency will bring in revenue ask these questions: 

Questions About

Coaching and Development

To understand your start-up process and agency growth support ask these questions:

Questions About

Technology and Marketing

To understand your tech stack integrations and access ask these questions: 

  • Pipeline management
  • Home and Auto Rating
  • Carrier download
  • Calendar scheduling
  • Phone, Text, Email, and eSign documentation

Ready to talk?

All “Members” with VIAA are our Business Partners. We have mutually beneficial goals we work toward. For an agency to thrive, it is in everyone’s best interest to openly communicate and to be fully transparent.