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We have found that “InsurTech” has become a noisy buzz-word and if not careful the fast evolving and growing number of widgets being developed can become very time consuming to vet and adopt in your agency. We believe that anything that is meant to help you help your clients’, needs to connect directly with your client database. For this reason, VIAA has leveraged its buying power to ensure all of the tech solutions below work together for optimum efficiency. In addition to helping you make important decisions that are based on logic rather than exhaustion, the implementation, training and adoption is supported by our Development Team. While the menu of vendor solutions will vary from one agency to the next, all provide unique benefits which are spelled out below and most of these vendors extend discounts to VIAA Members.

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"I'm still an old fashioned pound the pavement "phone" kind of guy who, as a captive agent, refused every attempt my to implement tech in our agency. After help from the Dev Team, I'm now an "automations are for everyone" kind of guy. We no longer have lost sales. Even when we get a quote we can't write now, we put it into smart cycle and try again in 6,12, or 18 months. This will give us more reliable sales projections moving forward and a pipeline that will never end! Not to mention, having a great way to track new business sales and an acutal onboarding process. No more sitting around waiting for the phone to ring or spending $$$ on worthless leads."
Keenan Rice
Keenan & Jessica, Current Members
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Meet The Development Team
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Due Diligence Questions

To understand your tech stack integrations and access,
ask these questions:
Other Networks With VIAA
Do all of the following functions work seamlessly without requiring duplicate entry:  
  • Pipeline management
  • Home and Auto Rating
  • Carrier download
  • Calendar scheduling
  • Phone, Text, Email, and eSign documentation
Am I listed as sole admin on all tech solutions?
Does anyone other than me and those I provide have authority to access my tech stack and client files?