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We’ve identified a gap in our industry. We recognize there are a plethora of tech options you could install in your agency but having that tech work efficiently for your agency is something else entirely. Not understanding when and where to implement a new tech can be very frustrating for our Members. That’s why we have created Digital Agency Bucket List or DABL for short. DABL is a roadmap our coaches use to understand where you are in your digital journey and where you need to go with your growth goals in mind. Furthermore, our team provides one-on-one coaching to help hire, train a new CSR, mentor a producer, or digitize the lead to bind process. Our how-to guidance, mentoring, and implementation assistance are available exclusively to and included as part of Membership. We look forward to understanding your challenges, focusing on your goals and exceeding expectation!
When we were going through the recruitment process to join VIAA everything sounded great. All we had ever known was the captive world and we knew that the independent world was the better option. However, there was still fear of the unknown and fear of VIAA's recruiting pitch being "too good to be true." VIAA had a formula for the size of our area and what our first year goal and five year goal should be. We thought it was way too aggressive. We changed the formula to something we thought was more realistic. 6 months in we passed our first year goal. 9 months in we passed VIAA's first year goal. Everything VIAA said in their recruitment of us was true. Their team was with us every step of the way and what they said would happen or what they would do was all true. We couldn't ask for a better partnership and are so thankful for the VIAA team!!
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Eric, Current Member
Insurance Agency Owner


Our mission is to help Members accelerate the growth of their independent agency and evolve into a business that outperforms industry standards.

"After extensive research I choose VIAA because of their reputation, support and coaching. I desperately needed the coaching, as I have never sold insurance in my life. Over the last 9 months I have leaned heavily on my coaches at VIAA. One of my coaches, Bill Kaatman, has completely walked me through how to build a successful bussiness. I love it, all you have to do is follow his instructions. Don't make excuses or think you're better just listen and your business will explode. I can't say enough about VIAA coaching, I am so excited about the future."
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David, Current Member
Agency Owner
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