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Using our size and stability, we negotiate the highest paid commissions in the industry.

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"My 5 year plan was achieved in 2 years!"

Keith-Inman-1-scaled— Keith, Current Member

89% of our Members have a positive ROI, meaning we pay more profit share than we are paid in fees. If you think VIAA could help you grow, we’ll pay you to use us. 

Carriers are more willing to appoint your agency if you’re partnered with an Alliance like VIAA. Carriers know our community of Members have a strong support system and understand the new business potential of each member.

"I can get any carrier I want now because of VIAA"

Before I joined VIAA, I was wandering without direction.  I didn’t know the resources that were out there to help independent agents, I didn’t know any carrier reps, I didn’t even know there was a state association for people like me.  Once I joined VIAA, they helped me get to know so many people and companies that have helped my agency grow.  I went from being unknown by most, to a person who is sought out by carriers, associations, and my peers.

kevin bull— Kevin, Current Member

Meet our support team dedicated to
helping you reach your goals.



I help setup your systems and strategies to increase PL sales
Bill Kaatman- Digital Coach

Digital Agency Coach

I turn existing procedures into efficient automated processes
AJ Schrage - Commercial Lines Coach

Commercial Lines Coach

I work through strategies to increase commercial lines sales
TJ McCoy - Service Coach

Personal Lines Coach

I help agencies accelerate their quoting & service
Tim Davis - Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer

I help our Agency Principals with operations & staffing strategies
Lauren Davis - Creative Marketing Director

Creative Marketing Director

I build creative content strategies to align with your growth goals
I just wanted to say thank you SO much for being on the weekly calls with our team, and for all the support in between. It is very helpful for all of us to hear other opinions and then also give feedback as well. I know the team appreciates having you guys and the whole VIAA team to lean on when we need support. I know it is going to make a huge difference, so I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much and we couldn’t be doing this with out you all!!!
Carly Sherman
Carly, Current Member
Insurance Agency Manager
Elizabeth Powers - Carrier Relationship Manager

Chief Relationship Officer

I help our Agency Members secure direct carrier appointments

20+ National Carrier Partners

Strategic Partner Carriers

20+ Regional Carrier Partners

Strategic Partner Carriers (4)

Are you building your own castle?
Or are you renting a chair in someone else's?


Who is VIAA?

The Powers family, founders of VIAA (Valley Insurance Agency Alliance), sat together in 2006 to discuss what value they could bring to an independent insurance agency. They identified pain points they had experienced themselves and formed VIAA to help other small businesses overcome those challenges.

Like most networks, we started with the focus of providing access to markets and increasing revenue. At VIAA, that is just the beginning of what we have to offer.

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