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Henry Powers

Chief Growth Officer

Henry Powers, Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer of VIAA (Valley Insurance Agency Alliance), has assisted in building VIAA from the ground up. Learning his sales trade going door-to-door selling educational books, since 2006 Henry has applied his extensive sales experience to educate insurance agents of their current position and identify valuable opportunities available through our alliance network. His core responsibility is recruiting new agency owners and co-developing a mutually beneficial business plan. He is your true business partner.

Henry knows that in order to “stay above the tree line” you have to focus on the big picture with a long-term strategy and attainable goals. With that knowledge, he offers his consultation and facilitates the appropriate connections to stay on track. He explains that pairing the right people, technology and workflows with a culture of teamwork and pushing the status quo, is key to maximizing profit, building wealth and leaving a legacy.

Henry has a strong passion for helping agencies position themselves to thrive and perpetuate. He has helped existing agencies navigate through handing their agency down to the next generation. He has also taken great pride in finding young agents with the passion and drive of a business owner, and setting them up with established agencies for possible perpetuation down the road.

Since VIAA members can earn revenue in 5 ways with each policy they bind/renew, Henry excels at helping independent agencies identify opportunities for immediate revenue lift all while remaining in full control of their cash flow and ownership. Through his assistance and guidance, our members have averaged over 20% growth YOY as opposed to the national industry average of 6.5%

Henry has earned the honor of winning Top Recruiter from SIAA over the last 11 consecutive years. He also serves on 4 insurance company leadership councils.


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