How to connect – and prospect in a small town

I found this article on the VIIA website today and wanted to share with everyone as it has some relevant tips for the small town/rural members.  What are some things you do that work for you? Dawn   How to connect — and prospect — in a small town Aug 27, 2015 | By Bryce […]

Target Marketing Is Still A Thing

Target Marketing became a buzz word in the 90’s, but it still relevant today.    Target marketing, also known as Niche Marketing, has 3 important components: strength and appetite of your carrier, experience and strength of your producer force, and the marketplace. The first component in Target Marketing is carrier(s) appetite.  You need the carrier to be specific if […]

Offering choices vs. “Do You Want It?”

One thing that parents of small children learn is the most successful way to get them to make a decision while shopping or choosing menu items is to offer two choices, A. or B…  As in “Do you want the chicken strips or fish sandwich?” They will inevitably choose one or the other and stay […]

How to connect – and prospect- in a small town

I found this article today on our VIAA website and wanted to share it.  What do you do in your small town or rural community to connect and be successful? Dawn How to connect — and prospect — in a small town Aug 27, 2015 | By Bryce Sanders Embrace the culture with a generous […]

VIAA Celebrates 10th Anniversary!!

Valley Insurance Agency Alliance (VIAA), a cohesive family of nearly 100 independent insurance agencies in Missouri and Southern Illinois, recently celebrated its tenth anniversary. VIAA was created by Managing Member Pierce Powers and Director of Member Services Sue Powers along with their three children: Director of Risk Management JD Powers, Director of Agency Development Elizabeth […]

HO3 vs HO5 – What type of Home policy should you write?

When looking at a new piece of business or trying to remarket your clients, it is important to pay attention to their policy form as it could drastically effect how a loss is handled at the time of a claim. The two most common policy forms we see today for a homeowner policy are an […]

Classic Cars

Classic Cars – Not Your Standard Auto Coverage   As you are driving down the road you pass by a classic/replica/limited edition car and your eyes are drawn to it, appreciating the beauty it brings to your drive.  Your thoughts then lead to wondering what all was needed to have/keep that baby road worthy.  As […]

Value, not Price

You get a call from a client that is price shopping their personal insurance needs…don’t let the frustration of not always being the cheapest option slow down your agency.  With the ever fluctuating market and the ease of access online to shop insurance it can be hard for our agencies to be competitive.  Which is […]

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