Life Changes: When a Named Insured Passes Away

Someone passing away is never an easy situation.  Relatives or executors are tasked with handling everything from burial/funeral/memorial planning to resolving financial issues all while grieving; which makes the duty to think of everything that needs to be done…difficult.  One thing that can easily slip through the cracks is a person’s insurance. When your agency […]

Insuring a Vehicle with a Salvaged Title

Most personal insurance carriers will not allow a vehicle previously deemed totaled or with a salvaged title to be insured for full coverage. At times it can be hard to insure a vehicle with a salvaged title for liability only coverage, depending on the carrier.  The underwriter may view the vehicle as potentially unsafe as […]

What Is Umbrella Liability?

What Is Umbrella Liability?   Why do I need to pay for this coverage?  These are common questions agents receive from clients as you quote policies or do account reviews.   Instead of stumbling over the explanation, think of using this quick synopsis of Umbrella coverage when talking with your client:   ‘As an individual, if […]


Today is the LAST day free registration of drones is available with the federal government.  Starting December 21, 2015, the FAA made it mandatory that all owners of small drones register their machines with the federal government so that authorities will be able to more easily investigate crashes and illegal flights.  Only the smallest toy […]

Which States Should Be Listed in Item 3A in the Workers’ Compensation Policy?

With our fresh start for 2016, we would like to focus on some important information regarding workers’ compensation. The work comp policy is very short in comparison to many other commercial policies.  Do not mistake the lack of forms for the true complexity of a workers’ comp policy.   Despite the seeming simplicity of the ACORD […]

FAA Unveils Drone Registry Rules

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has unveiled its registration process for owners of small unmanned aircraft (UAS), or small drones used for hobby or recreation.  The registration requirement applies to UAS weighing more than 0.55 pounds and less than 55 pounds including payloads such as on-board cameras.  Under the rule, any owner of a small […]

Insuring Uber & Lyft Drivers

Ride-hailing services like Uber have grown rapidly and signed up thousands of drivers. These new businesses make it possible for individuals to work flexible schedules and to enter the transportation business without a big initial investment. If you’re one of those thinking about driving for a ride-hailing company, auto insurance is one of the most […]

VIAA expands Illinois Territory

St. Louis-based Valley Insurance Agency Alliance, a family of nearly 100 independent insurance agencies in Missouri and Southern Illinois, recently doubled its Illinois membership territory by adding 47 counties in Central and Southern Illinois. The expansion includes the cities of Bloomington, Champaign, Decatur, Peoria and Springfield. According to VIAA Regional Vice President of Illinois Janice […]

VIAA Maintains Inner Circle Status

St. Louis, Mo : Valley Insurance Agency Alliance (VIAA), a cohesive family of nearly 100 independent insurance agencies in Missouri and Southern Illinois, was recently named to State Auto Insurance Companies’ Inner Circle.  This elite group achievement demonstrates outstanding sales, professional service and business management. This is the fourth consecutive year that VIAA has been named […]

7 Ways to Close the “Value Gap” on Customer Service

By Tom Barrett, CIC, AAI February 25, 2014 The trends that began in 2013, with carriers tightening appointment criteria, looking at profitability first and foremost, requiring us to sell multiple lines of coverage (e.g., auto with home), and reductions in commission continue into the second quarter of 2014. The pressure on the independent agent, as […]

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