Value, not Price

You get a call from a client that is price shopping their personal insurance needs…don’t let the frustration of not always being the cheapest option slow down your agency.  With the ever fluctuating market and the ease of access online to shop insurance it can be hard for our agencies to be competitive.  Which is why we need to help our clients understand how we can bring value to their insurance, not just price.  The link below will take you to an article with some tips to help your agency have those conversations with the price shopper to help turn them into a value shopper.

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Retain Customers with a Client Onboarding Process

Congratulations on Your New SALE! It becomes so easy as an Agency Owner, just to worry about SELLING! After all isn’t that what it’s all about? It was a rhetorical question and just, so we are clear, the answer is…a resounding NO! You certainly need to be able to sell but do so by creating a value-based proposition and tying in a unique Client experience, this has never been as true and relevant as it is today, especially now in this digital based consumer market we live in. The question becomes, “How can you set your agency, your website and


The Importance of a Solid Claims Process

Insurance isn’t just all about the SALE! It is however all about relationships and a client’s claim experience will create a long-lasting impact and impression of that relationship, either as a positive or as a… I will probably be looking for another agency soon. This is truly where the rubber hits the road and it is vital your agency has a game plan and a consistent and methodical approach! Keep in mind that any issues that arise during a claim’s experience can leave your clients with a bad opinion of you and your agency! Even if you have no control