VIAA Employee Spotlight- Christen Beardall

Here in the POWERS Insurance and VIAA family we value our employees tremendously. Each month we put a spotlight on one of our employees to show them how much we appreciate their success in our agency. This month we have spotlighted Christen “Chrissy” Beardall.

Chrissy is highly valued as our Director of Information Technology. She has been with our family for 16 years. When asked what superpower she would want she responded, “Teleportation, so I could get from one place to another quickly without having to sit in traffic or pay for airline tickets.”

Co-worker Comments

Here’s what her co-workers have to say about her

“Chrissy is awesome and knowledgeable and one of my very favorite coworkers!” – Kate

“My first role at POWERS was watering plants, at which time Chrissy was the front receptionist.  Here we are 15+ years later with an ever evolving job description and still having fun!” – Henry

“Chrissy is very knowledgeable and detail oriented . She is very patient when training someone on new technology.” – Dawn

“Chrissy is always happy to answer any of my technology questions without making me feel dumb, LOL!” –  Stacy

“She is very caring & always willing to help! She has a great memory as well! She hasn’t worked with some of our PL clients in a while and still remembers their personal life/ stuff like yesterday!” – Meaghan

“I love how much of a team player Chrissy is – she’s always willing to lend a hand.” – Linsey

“Chrissy is a positive co-worker that always wants to help with a smiling face. I believe she’s the longest tenured associate at POWERS, other than the CEO himself, Pierce Powers. She’s embraced the growing pains that come with fast growth with tact and enthusiasm.” – Chris

“So fun! So fashionable!”- Sam

“Chrissy has this amazing ability to think through all of the steps on the fly and to identify potential problems and pitfalls with a process change or a new vendor. Her ability to assess and evaluate technology is superb.” – Tim

“Chrissy is super helpful and knowledgeable! Definitely a Rock-star!” – Mathew

“I enjoy working with Chrissy – she is an awesome TEAM player and is always willing to go above and beyond with whatever projects she is currently focusing on. She really keeps us on point with our systems and training at POWERS and VIAA.” – Elizabeth

“I LOVE working with Chrissy. She’s wonderful to work with because she genuinely cares about her coworkers and always has advice when consulting on a matter.  Chrissy motivates me to work hard for the team because she works very hard and that’s evident in her quality of work.  I admire her detailed oriented abilities, her wisdom on tackling problems, and her many years of independent agency experience which trickles throughout the office and to the entire alliance.” – Robert

“Chrissy is a real pleasure to work with.  She’s very knowledgeable about her job and exceeds in her performance.  I wish I knew half of what she knows about IT.  Always a pleasure to see her smiling face when she’s in town.” – Sharon

“When no one can rescue me from my cantankerous computer (including my weekly rescuer – Robert), Chrissy always comes up with a way to fool my computer and make it cooperate.” – Sue P.

Chrissy continues to help our firm stay ahead of the curve in all things technicality and has been an invaluable contributor to our purpose and mission for more than 15 years. – JD Powers

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