Employee Spotlight- Dawn Wright

Here in the VIAA (Valley Insurance Agency Alliance) family, we value our employees tremendously. Each month we put a spotlight on one of our employees to show them how much we appreciate their success in our agency. This month we have spotlighted Dawn Wright!

Dawn is highly valued as our Commercial Account Manager for VIAA. She has been with our family since 2013. When asked what is most important to her she responds, “To be compassionate, honest and loyal.” This answer gives us insight as to why she is so good at problem solving and navigating through her daily tasks. We are thankful to have her on our team! See what her co-workers have to say about her.

Co-worker Comments

“Dawn is kindness incarnate. Whenever I’m having a bad day, I can have a quick chat with her and perk right up. Though we work in very different departments, I’m so grateful to share a workplace with her!” -Sam

“Dawn is the perfect fit for her position of helping our ISMs navigate through Commercial Lines quoting and getting quotes for them to sell to their clients.  She has great patience and understanding, plus her knowledge of coverage is stellar.” – Lorraine

“I give Dawn, on a scale from 1 to 10 – a 15! She is one of the kindest, sweetest and wisest souls on the planet. Her patience is commendable. She is a great listener and reflects before responding – and when appropriate (but not expected) will do so with some hysterical zingers! The highest compliment I can give her or anyone is for her humility. She is so bright and thinks quickly, but would never lord it over anyone even though she easily could. Dawn is truly a good soul.” – Sue P.

“Dawn is so kind and patient. She’s able to take anything thrown at her with ease and grace. Thank you, Dawn!”- Lauren

“Dawn is such a kind soft spoken person. She cares deeply for her family and others around her. She works so hard for our members and fills in where the help is needed.  She rarely takes a break so our members get served as best as possible. Dawn is great for our team.” – Clinton

“Dawny is one of the most skillful, knowledgeable underwriters in commercial lines I’ve ever worked with.  Everything from full package policy to dealing with claims, she is our alliance’s go to for all things commercial lines.” – Robert

“Dawn is always willing to help when needed and you can tell she truly cares for her co-workers like family.”- Stacy

“Dawn is very knowledgeable and such a helpful resource for all of the insurance agents on the Valley side. I don’t work directly with her, but I’ve never heard her say a single bad thing about anyone – and that says a lot.” – Linsey

“Dawn is a great addition to the VIAA TEAM!! She does an amazing job running our VIAA CL Access Plus department, mentoring Members through our Business Insurance Advantage and Premier Families programs, and heading up the Book Management department. Dawn is true TEAM player as she is always ready and willing to pitch in where she is needed.”- Elizabeth

“I got to know Dawn on a personal level while working at our former office space. We sat next to each other; she was a huge help during my initial years at POWERS. Dawn watched me through the initial struggles everyone faces getting started in this industry. She was always encouraging, offered tons of the expert knowledge she had gained over her several years in the industry, and was just generally a great person to connect with on a daily basis. Dawn and I now sit on different floors in our new building but we pick up right where we left off when we cross paths in the hallway and at company-wide meetings and functions. Thank you for being you, Dawn!”- Chris

“Dawn is an encyclopedia for knowledge on commercial lines! Her advice is always on point and she knows each carrier’s appetite like the back of her hand!”- Tim

“Ever since the day Dawn joined the team she has continuously challenged status quo to improve the efficiency of AccessPlus.  Along with this core function she has added many responsibilities to her plate including commercial training and development as well as claims review and book management all while setting new records on new business.  Most importantly I consider Dawn a friend and someone I can confide in.  She is a team member I can rely on whether its getting it done or just someone to listen.  Dawn keeps it real and that’s just cool ?” – Henry

“Dawn Rocks!  She is very knowledgeable and always willing to help!” – Kate

“There are so many good people who work here, from Management to staff, but Dawn is truly a caring and considerate person. While I was still a new employee here and we had our annual BBQ in excessive heat Dawn brought in items to make sure everyone who was working out in the heat stayed cool. She always has your back and is always making sure others are taken care of! That is why she excels at her position, she has a great love for animals and is all-around truly a good person.”- Michael

“She is extremely kind hearted and giving. ?”- Meaghan

“Dawn is always kind and has a generous heart! When I first started she was warm and welcoming. She would check in with me every day to see how I was doing and feeling. She always made it easy to reach out and that meant a lot to me!” It isn’t what people do that you remember, it is how they make you feel, J- Rikki

“She is always proactive. When she finds something that will be useful for others she shares immediately. Such a caring person all around.”- JD

“Dawn has a quiet strength that is an example to those around her.  Though she doesn’t usually like attention, her work and contribution to our office does make her stand out.  She has been an amazing addition to our office.”- Chrissy

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