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  • Are you focused on Commercial Lines, and find yourself falling behind on quotes, proposals, billing and claims issues?
  • Do you specialize in Personal Lines but don’t want to pass up prospects for Commercial Lines?
  • Are you new to insurance and intimidated by Commercial Lines?             

 One of our Strategic Partners has a solution.  It is unique to SIAA.

                Henry spoke about it at our VIAA conference and a handful of our members have been pilot agents.  TRAVELERS has developed Commercial Lines Express “CLXpress” for you and your clients. 


WHAT YOU DO:  You give Travelers the Name, Phone # and type of business and expiration date.


  • Travelers will contact the person, gather info, and provide a quote & proposal.
  • They take care of applications.  Their E&O covers.
  • They will keep you “in the loop” during this process.
  • They are issuing policies on about 50% of the ones they quote—not a bad “hit ratio”.
  • They will do BOPs, Work Comp and Commercial Auto.
  • Their Service Center handles Certificates, endorsements, billing, audits, account rounding.
  • They pay YOU the commission .


In terms of commitment they want you to refer 2 leads per month minimum.


                I think this is a program that could benefit you directly and lead to more referrals if your clients are pleased with the process.  You do not need to be a current Travelers agent to enter this program.   If you want to join let me or Elizabeth Powers know.  It takes 1-2 weeks to get a code.

The program will launch countrywide on Wednesday June 26th with a special webinar.  See below.



Alliance Program Services is happy to announce
Commercial Lines Express, a partnership between SIAA and Travelers National Sales Center (NSC), is now open to all SIAA members!

Are you missing sales opportunities? 

» Commercial Lines can be tough for a new agent
» Many SIAA member agencies have good opportunities for commercial sales
» Commercial Lines presents a big learning curve
» Closing the sale can be difficult
Travelers can help.

» You provide the qualified lead, they do the rest
» Competitive retail commission, minus service center fee
» Eligible for PMSF and local profit sharing
» Gateway to direct code with Travelers Select

Find out more. Register to attend the CLXpress introductory webinar, where APS and Travelers will provide interested SIAA member agencies with a complete overview of the program and enrollment instructions.

Date: Wednesday, June 26, 2013
Time: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT
Registration Link: 

This program is open to all Travelers appointed SIAA members, and non-appointed members

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