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VIAA and RedHead have combined to offer a great value in a mobile app for your agency!


RedHead Mobile Apps is the leader in Mobile App development for Insurance Agencies,
and now we’ve put together a package exclusively for Members of VIAA that will get your agency a customized mobile app at a never before heard of price!



Why a Mobile App for your Agency?

Your clients are mobile and don’t want to be tied to a desktop or land line when they need to submit claims, make policy changes, get quotes or get in touch with your office.  In fact, more people today access the internet on a mobile device than on a desktop.

Combined with the functionality that a mobile device can offer, a mobile app becomes much more than just information but a real, useful tool that your clients need and use.


 Something to think about…

Major carriers such as Geico, State Farm, Allstate and others have developed mobile apps for their insureds.  These companies never spend a dollar without a high expected return so what is the return they expect from offering a mobile app?  They know that once an insured installs and uses their mobile app, they have effectively tied the insured to the carrier, increasing renewals and lowering cancellations and turnover.  

You can direct your clients to these carriers’ apps but do you really want to be advertising for the carrier when you could be advertising your agency and tying your clients to your agency?



  • Your clients are mobile– a mobile storefront puts you where your clients are.
  • Clients can store ID cards right to their mobile device.
  • Submit claims with pictures, Make policy changes with electronic signatures, One Touch contact and directions to your office.
  • Tools to share your app– when the mobile community likes something, they share it!
  • Stay engaged with your clients through Push Messaging
  • Grow your marketing network and Enhance your overall image
  • Strengthen retention





Why RedHead Mobile Apps?

We specialize in developing apps for Independent Insurance Agencies and understand both what you need as an agency owner and what your clients need in a mobile app.  

Our experience gets you the best app at the greatest value.


  • Your app is customized with your logo and artwork at no extra cost
  • Your app is listed under your name in the app stores
  • We publish apps to IOS (iPhone and iPad), Android and Kindle
  • We build separate apps for each platform to give you the best display and functionality
  • App support and updates are included
  • We furnish a complete back end dashboard to allow you to keep your app fresh and current
  • Unlimited push messaging and updates
  • We provide QR codes and marketing buttons to help you market your app
  • No length of term contracts– you can cancel any time


The Best Part—The VIAA Partnership
Because we’ve combined with VIAA, you get your complete customized Mobile App for only $20/mo and $350 setup.
That’s about a third of our normal price with no hidden fees or charges.
And remember, we don’t demand a contract so you can cancel at any time.




We’ve put together some sample layouts for VIAA Members to give you an idea of how your mobile app might look and function.  The best way to view these layouts is to download our preview app to your iPhone or Android phone by scanning this QR code: 




Then use this login information:  User: viaa,  Password, agent.  

You’ll see 3 different layouts listed, just tap on each to sync to your phone.  Remember that the layout and colors will be customized to you and you can mix and match.  Do you have a certain niche that you would like to highlight in your app?  Let us know what your ideas are and we’ll see what we can do.






Download some of our published apps…





Thanks to VIAA, this is a great offer to have a mobile app 

developed for your agency!  


A mobile app is becoming an expected tool in the insurance industry and now you can afford to take advantage of this tool to really grow your business.


Get in touch with us with any questions– we look forward to working with you!


We can design a sample app for your business free of charge with no strings attached. It’s our way of helping you see how a mobile app could benefit your business!  Give us a call~208-991-4063   

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