What's next?

1.) Develop Your 5 Year Income and Expense Proforma

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2.) Sign our Confidentiality Agreement

Let’s sign a Confidentiality Agreement so we are both protected.  If you operate as a corporation click “I have an LLC”, otherwise click “individual”.

NOTE: You have to enter your name and email to open the document; however, you are then able to review the document PRIOR to entering your address and applying your e-signature.


To see a list of all carriers click HERE.  Please do not name carriers in the narrative that you want to work with.  The stable you want to work with today will not be the same a couple years from now and we want this narrative to remain timeless for future use.  That said, please do communicate your expectations of a carrier partner: lines of business you want to focus on, specific coverages that are important that you offer, ease of business.  As for which carriers you want to focus on growing, after returning this narrative we will schedule a discovery/fact finding call with a member of our Development Team to help you think through this strategically.

Most of our Members use a similar foundation we refer to as their tech stack.  In addition to its proven effectiveness and efficiencies, the cost is less than $400 monthly (includes AMS, CRM, Rating, VOIP, & Texting). When Members collaborate and share ideas with one another, they find it helpful to be on a similar technology platforms.

The Development Team supports this tech stack and is able to build on its foundation with a plethora of additional vendors when/if needed.  None of our recommended vendors are required to be a Member. If you want to build your own tech stack, we support your decision; however,  our Development team may not be able to help as much if they are not familiar with it.

The world of technology in our industry is rapidly advancing. At this moment we have yet to find the perfect solution.

VIAA Team Members are seasoned insurance industry professionals with a passion to help you accelerate growth.  As a Member, you will have access to the whole Development Team. In the beginning, we will assign you one point of contact you can direct all questions until you get more comfortable with who to call for what.  We look forward to getting the discovery call scheduled as soon as you send us your business narrative.

Most often, Agency owners use their family name in the name of the agency because it is a known and trusted pillar in their community.  Those that choose otherwise, tend to use large and/or stable physical nouns or forward/upward adjectives.  Once you decide on your name it is time to register it with the Secretary of State.  Then, you will need to register that entity with the Department of Insurance.  In this second step, you have to attached your personal lines which can sometimes signal to current employer that you are moving so timing is important.  That said, it is safe to do the first step and purchase a url for your website/email.  We have step-by-step instruction through these steps so please let us know when you have decided on your name and we will get busy!

3.) Build Your Business Narrative


This is the opportunity to give us your agency’s history, a snapshot as of today, what you want it to look like in the future, and your expectations of VIAA.

All the icons to the left discuss different topics that can help you draft your business plan.

Please note we will also be using this narrative to help the companies get a general overview of you, your agency, and how they can assist in meeting your goals. If coming from a captive market please state this in your background along with any and all awards/recognition received as agent but please do not name the captive carrier by name. Please be sure to provide some numbers around weekly quote activity.

Once you have a draft ready for our eyes only, please return and we will provide comments back.