Tim Davis - Chief Operating Officer

Tim Davis

Chief Operating Officer

I advise owners on growth goals and hiring strategies

How I help VIAA Members:

I provide one-on-one consultations with agency owners as they go through the process of hiring an employee. This includes providing job descriptions, advice on best time to hire, contract advice and even conduct interviews alongside the agency owner when needed. 

Favorite Part About My Job:

I love building a team culture that consists of the right people in the right seats. 

Fun Fact:

I take at least 100 dry golf swings a day. It helps me think. 


Tim started his insurance career in 2009 as an insurance agent for an online-focused company. Tim immediately fell in love with the insurance industry and the risk management guidance he could provide to clients. 

Prior to the insurance industry, Tim was an avid golfer who played in competitive amateur events and spent nearly a decade working at a golf course (through high school and college). Now, you can find Tim and his wife Lauren on the course … probably asking one of their three kids to stop playing in the sand trap!