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89% of our Members have positive ROI. Meaning, we pay you more profit share than we are paid in fees. If you think you could use our help, we’ll pay you to use us. 

"I wanted you to know that the Dev Team has been extremely helpful to me in establishing my Agency. During the first few months I got off track with the pandemic, systems, and product training. I was handling things backwards and not according to my initial plan. The Team helped me get back to the foundation of the business. We set up a number of appointments relearning systems and logging in premiums and keeping track of my commissions. I am more comfortable with running my agency than I was last year because of them. I call if I need help at any time and they get back to me right away. They help me navigate through my agency problems big or small. I appreciate their assistance on sponsorship opportunities, partnerships, and hiring new producers. They are a wealth of knowledge and assist me like a wise and professional silent partner. The team has been great!"
Member Since 2019, ROI 2.35x
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