The Rocket Ship

Your Path Full Autonomy and Book Ownership

The Rocket Ship image to the right is one that we focus on heavily at VIAA. We believe the rocket ship represents the key components behind a successful agency. As a result, our Sales Development Coordinators (SDC) are trained in aiding our members if they struggle in any of these areas of their agencies.

If a member is having trouble with retention, they are encouraged to engage with their SDC to aide and implement a solution. Our SDCs bring a wealth of insurance agency experience, which gives them a unique ability to help agencies maximize their profit. With two full-time SDCs on hand, VIAA is able to provide real hands-on training for our members.

I just completed my annual review with Clinton and the meeting was very successful and positive with my overall score going up to a B. YEAH! Clinton has taught me so much. Not sure I could have done all of this without his direction. -- Cindy N.

VIAA Rocket Ship

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The Boosters

VIAA provides open access for conversations with the company's Director of Operations, who can provide detailed feedback on hiring practices. VIAA will also help train new W-2 producer hires, provides employee contracts and employee handbooks and has a full tool box of materials to help find and retain the right people.

VIAA understands the importance of getting direct carrier appointments. We help guide the process to make sure your agency has the appropriate amount of direct carrier appointments so you can maximize you're agency's profit.

Having a consistent pipeline of incoming leads is a crucial element for any producer. VIAA offers one-on-one training with producers on pipeline building and can assist with setting key benchmarks and holding a producer accountable for those goals. Our SDCs will even show a new producer how to make cold calls.

While many other Networks don't focus on agency retention, that is a key component in our member's sustained growth success (existing members are averaging 20% organic growth per year, compared to the national average of under 7%). VIAA provides best practices resources and the SDCs focus heavily on this topic with our members.

The Wings

Valley Insurance Agency Alliance leadership understands the importance of data and analytics in the near future of our industry. This is what helps an agency be smart with it's marketing spend. We are committed to helping our agencies learn how to capture data and analyze the results. We host regular monthly workshops centered around digital technologies and skills.

VIAA has efficient and effective P&P's you can incorporate into your operation upon request. Furthermore, VIAA's Director of Operations is able to assist with P&P questions or to help an agency think through some of their own unique P&P needs.

Sales & Profit

Sales is imperative to your agency’s success. Premium lift is a function of strong "boosters" firing on all pistons. The more boosters you have primed for optimum thrust, the easier it is to continue growth. Channeled velocity by way of the “wings” assures the stability to keep everything on course. At VIAA, we train our Members from day one on the principles behind The Rocket Ship.

The carriers that reach "Strategic Partner" status at VIAA have earned that distinguished status because they are offering up to 5 forms of compensation for any policy a member writes. Members are receiving the highest compensation in the industry when they place business with a Strategic Partner Carrier.

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