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Learn how to automate your agency systems for increased productivity and customer satisfaction.

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Agency Management System

Do you currently have a management system that is being underutilized or you feel is not providing the training and support you need?

Is your system cloud based, enabling a paperless environment, supporting policy, commission, and claims download while still affordable?

Do you have a local peer group of agents using your management system that you can collaborate with as a “Users Group”?

Embrace the power of cutting edge technology while leveraging membership discounts with national vendors.

Comparative Raters

Are you managing your time by harnessing the power of a comparative rater? Does your comparative rater integrate with LexisNexis for access to household rating data?

If you have a rater, does it return rate indications from over 10 personal lines companies and 5 commercial companies? Does it interface with your management system?

Take advantage of inboard training and lucrative discounts.

Loss Run Procurement Service

Attempting to secure current valued loss runs to complete submission and take to market can often cause the incumbent to proactively block markets ahead of you.

Over 80% of the time our service expedites the loss run procurement process to less than 3 days and in many cases loss runs are in hand prior to or simultaneously with the incumbent receiving notification.

Mobile App

Get with the Flo and don’t lose to the Gecko. You need a mobile app to effectively engage the fastest growing risk pool in the nation: the millennials.

Mobile app integration with your management system allows your client to access current Auto ID Cards, receive certs, open a claim, or inquire about a bill. Harness these capabilities for $20 a month.


Did you know most insurance-related searches originate from a mobile device? Is your website interactive and mobile friendly?

If collecting personal information from prospects, is your site SSL Secure?

Do your clients have the option to rate their own auto and home insurance 24/7? Do you have the skills in-house to optimize your sites searchability?

Let us show you how to launch a site for $200!

Agency Procedures

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Do you have a written agency procedure manual that is current and pragmatic? Mitigate your E&O exposure by adopting consistent workflow and documentation procedures across agency personnel.

Implement a new business submission procedure, renewal and coverage review procedure, account rounding procedure, and routine service procedures including certs, ID cards, billing inquiries, and change/cancellation requests.

Human Resources

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Do you have an up-to-date Employee Manual that all of your personnel reviews and signs at time of hiring?

Do employees have an Employment Agreement they have reviewed and signed? Do you have a comprehensive Job Description for all positions in your office?

Having a systematic approach to hiring new talent begins with knowing what you are looking for. Testing does not guarantee success but it often predicts failure.

It is important to not only have the right people “on the bus” but also to ensure they are in the “right seat on the bus”.

If you have a staff member that is under performing, do you have a firing procedure to ensure you are not vulnerable to a wrongful termination suit?

Good producers are not growing on trees and investing in the wrong person is a financial drain, exhausts finite agency resources, and impacts associate morale.

Do you have a candidate? VIAA can help with contract templates, compensation/productivity benchmarks, product training, and a formal education and marketing strategy. “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”

In-House Risk Management

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Enjoy access to in-house risk management when needed.

Sometimes you will find on larger accounts that your competition is offering this service as a differentiator. Being that the carrier is ultimately going to send their loss control team we have found having a second risk manager can often be a disservice.

Unveiling this and addressing how we ensure this does not happen is part of the discussion. Don’t lose to your competition on this “edge”.

Mergers and Acquisitions

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Mid-size is the new small! As big banks and private equity run its course on our industry you may be in the crosshairs.

Since 2000 agency locations with revenue between $500,00 and $1.25 million have declined 31% and agency locations under $500K revenue have declined 42%. It is predicted this trend will continue into 2020.

Leading causes for consolidation are insurance company volume requirements, lack of reinvestment capital, no perpetuation candidate and/or plan, and lack of agency management procedures.

With minimal volume commitments and profit share from dollar one, VIAA relieves the first two causes and it has tools to assist with the latter two.

VIAA Membership puts your agency in a position to acquire using our leveraged compensation platform and access to 10-year fixed rate money.

VIAA is a community of agency owners waiting to be engaged. Should you have interest in selling, you may find your perpetuation candidate within.


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Beyond the basics, SIAA has been helping agency owners gain market smart year-over-year and our results prove it effective.

In 2014 SIAA grew $902 million of which 80% was organic growth. SIAA is the largest Agency Partnership model in 2014 according to Insurance Journal by a factor of two.

We recognize there are only 7 days in the week and the best marketing strategy is no good unless you can commit the time it requires to properly execute.

VIAA buying power leverages vendors to invest in integration with your agency management system. The ability to implement marketing strategies in real time on your existing book of business without having to manage another database is paramount.

Deploy a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) to track and manage touch points to your prospects in conjunction with your renewal date.

Breathe life into your social media platforms and website SEO by getting your current clients to LIKE and leave testimonials on your Wall with little effort. SIAA brings you e-Learning on topics such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Website Development.

Enjoy clever marketing messaging, bulk-rate printing and postage without accruing a bulky bill. SIAA Storefront provides mailing lists, postcards for direct mail, niche marketing campaigns, brochures, and newsletter templates at your fingertips.

Just a few mouse clicks and another mail campaign is days from its destination for less than it would cost to postmark yourself.