O’Connor Insurance Celebrates 40 Years in Business

O’Connor Insurance recently celebrated its 40th anniversary in business. The company, which was founded by Robert O’Connor, is located at 12101 Olive Blvd. Robert’s daughter, Karen O’Connor Corrigan, is president.

O’Connor Insurance specializes in a variety of insurance services including auto, homeowners, business, life, health and financial. The company also focuses on insurance for condominiums and community associations. O’Connor Insurance is a member of Valley Insurance Agency Alliance (VIAA), a cohesive family of nearly 100 independent insurance agencies in Missouri and Southern Illinois.

“As I reflect back on our agency’s 40 year legacy, I remember some of the best advice my parents ever gave me was the importance of customer service,” said president Karen O’Connor Corrigan. “My Dad believed in treating clients like family, and our extensive history is a great reminder that we must be doing things right.”

Founded in 2006, VIAA generates more than $125 million in written premium and is the regional founding member in Missouri and Southern Illinois for the Strategic Insurance Agency Alliance (SIAA), a $5.7 billion national insurance coalition. SIAA, which is the nation’s largest partnership of independent insurance agencies, consists of the highest caliber of firms that share a leveraged strength with their carrier partners and industry resources.

VIAA is the sister company of family owned and operated POWERS Insurance and Benefits, which is one of the largest family owned and operated independent insurance agencies in the bi-state region. VIAA is located at 7745 Carondelet Ave. in Clayton, Mo.

For more information, call (314) 333-4906 or visit www.viaa4u.com.For more information about O’Connor Insurance, call (314) 434-0038 or visit www.oconnor-ins.com.

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