Think of us as your highly resourceful and very informative business partner

Maximize Profit...


Your current concerns:

  1. Decreasing commissions
  2. Limited carrier access


What happens if you join VIAA?

  1. We negotiate higher commission rates
  2. We negotiate additional carrier appointments


As an exclusive or captive agent you may not be maximizing your profit due to decreased commissions and smaller books that don't maximize the profit sharing grids. We can also help counteract limited carrier access you may be currently experiencing.

By joining our alliance, we can negotiate, on your behalf, higher total compensation and additional carrier appointments. As a business partner, we have your interest at heart.

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Build Wealth...

Our Agency Members, on average, grow 20% each year


Wealth is an all-encompassing word. It can also mean;

  1. Having more time to spend with your family
  2. Having employees that are loyal
  3. Having more equity in your business


VIAA teaches you how to efficiently run your business (more time with family), how to hire the right fit (employees that are loyal), and give a path for optimizing agency value (money for retirement).


  • Together we compete with larger agencies to keep $ in your community
  • E&S opportunities up to 16% commission new and renewal

Leave a Legacy!


VIAA is nothing less than a true business partner, we will relentlessly support improved outcomes for each of our Members. Our goal will always be to help you Maximize Profit...Build Wealth...Leave a Legacy!


Click below to see how we can help you leave your legacy.

We are more than happy to offer:

  1. Acquisition Consulting
  2. Perpetuation Consulting
  3. Book Roll Opportunities