MAIA Small Agency Conference

Registration for the MAIA Small Agency Conference is officially open and we hope you are planning to attend.  We at VIAA feel this is one of the best insurance events of the year.  While we highly recommend full registration in order to take advantage of the educational sessions, we hope you at least attend the Tradeshow.  If you have never been before, it includes food, drinks, and lots of door prizes to win.  Henry and I will have a booth so please be sure to stop by.  In addition, VIAA has reserved a Sky Suite on the hotel premise where we will be hosting an after party with more food and drinks.  It has always been a good time and it has received heavy attendance from our company reps in past years.  This is a great opportunity to interact, bond, and enhance relationships.


Below is a link to the event.  We recommend you make your hotel reservations(even if you are still thinking about it) right away as the hotel sells out quick.  One last plug, the crawfish boil on Wednesday night IS the best insurance event of the year so it is definitely worth coming in on Wednesday.


Hope to see all of you there!!



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