(Strategic Insurance Agency Alliance)

The concept of SIAA began in 1983 with the creation of the first master agency - Satellite Agency Network Group (SAN Group) by Jim Masiello, Owner of the Masiello Agency in Keene, NH. This family owned independent insurance agency saw smaller agencies running into roadblocks because of their size, low commissions, and access to competitive companies. The idea was to create a master agency to provide company access and other services to help grow these agencies - profitably.

In 1995, SAN Group had reached 83 agency Members and wrote $68 million in premium. SAN Group was giving smaller agencies an opportunity to get company appointments and to grow. Insurance executives and consultants encouraged SAN Group to repeat this success on a national level. A pilot program was created which became SIAA. Then SIAA went on a search to find like-minded, family owned independent insurance agencies to leverage their local expertise in their respective region.


(Valley Insurance Agency Alliance)

Recognizing POWERS Insurance as a strong leader in the Midwest, SIAA contacted founder, Pierce Powers, to form a master agency. Following their discussions, Pierce and Sue Powers with 3 of their 6 kids (JD, Elizabeth and Henry) formed the VIAA agency network in 2006 to support agents in Missouri and Southern Illinois.

Together, we share the passion of helping entrepreneurs sustain and flourish in this ever changing marketplace.



Our Value Proposition


The Powers family, founders of VIAA (Valley Insurance Agency Alliance), sat together in 2006 to discuss what value they could bring to an independent insurance agency. They identified pain points they themselves were experiencing as a new agency and formed VIAA to meet those challenges.


The origin of our logo stems from the word "VIA" meaning road. As in a path we set to help guide you towards real success and perpetuation. The golden rays emanating upwards symbolize the sun rising through the river valley, illuminating new growth. We help shine light on valuable opportunities that will encourage a true partnership.


Our "phrase", Maximize Profit... Build Wealth...Leave a Legacy!, sums up the opportunities we provide to each Member; for today...tomorrow...and your future. VIAA strives to change the way insurance agents think about their future. Let's build a growth strategy and together we will get there.

Why is SIAA #1?

"The Total Solution for the Independent Agent and

The Proven Distribution Model for Strategic Partner Companies."


    • Highest compensation in the industry
    • Clients and companies always belong to the agent
    • Commissions paid directly from carrier
    • Revenue transparency with members
    • Share all profit share and overrides
    • Qualify for profit share from $1 with loss ratio less than 60%
    • Proven returns for growing agencies
    • Long-term relationship focused
    • Proven book management process

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