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Member Testimonials

"We would like to take a moment to brag on Sam‘s training session. She provided real world examples to guide our clients in their understanding of why rates may increase. Examples, that were logical and highly understandable. She was detailed in her knowledge on discounts and how to approach challenges with specific solutions. In addition, she was kind and allowed amble opportunity for questions and comprehension. We appreciate you Sam! Thank you for taking the time to speak with us!"

-Golden Rule Insurance


"I have absolutely nothing to say that is not complimentary. Mike's professionalism and courtesy has  always been of the upmost level. I have worked with Michael in many aspects of my agency. He came to my office a couple years ago and did my evaluation and opened my eyes and understanding on many things. Also, he  provided constructive criticism in a way that was positive moving forward. I also deal with him on a monthly basis with my application approval and paid receipts monthly for my Nationwide co-op. He is always open to concerns or feedback that I share that we are struggling with or that may ease our way of doing business. I feel like he wants my agency to be successful and will assist in any way possible."

-Wiley Insurance Agency


"Henry, I just wanted to take a moment to convey my gratitude for your support team. As I navigate these new agency infancy stages, it can be very overwhelming with so many moving parts, processes, and people. Without the dedication of Mike Thornton and Robert Qaoud, namely, I would truly be lost and discouraged. Their level of availability, patience, and wisdom continue to impress me with each daily challenge as I sort thru all the pieces. Your entire team has been a blessing and I can not imagine embarking on this venture without the assistance of the dependable, friendly team you’ve assembled. Thank you for that!"

-Garcia Insurance Advisors

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Why Choose VIAA?

Most networks offer access to insurance companies these days. In addition to market access, click here to see what else we can help with and learn about common pains we provide solutions for. 

VIAA Rocket Ship

The VIAA Process

When you become a member, one of our Sales Development Coordinators will introduce you to the VIAA process. Also known as "The Rocket Ship". It's the launching point sales best practices. 

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Market Access

Learn about some of our key resources, including strategic partner companies, vendors, and SIAA-sponsored programs.

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Membership Details

Most networks offer access to insurance companies these days. In addition to market access, click here to see what else we can help with and learn about common pains we provide solutions for. 

Henry Powers

Chief Problem Solver

Henry Powers, Co-Founder and Director of Business Development for VIAA (Valley Insurance Agency Alliance), has assisted in building VIAA from the ground up. Since 2006 Henry has applied his extensive sales experience to educate insurance agents of their current position and identify valuable opportunities available through our alliance network. His core responsibility is recruiting new agency owners and co-developing a mutually beneficial business plan. He is your true business partner.


Henry knows that in order to “stay above the tree line” you have to focus on the big picture with a long-term strategy and attainable goals. With that knowledge, he offers his consultation and facilitates the appropriate connections to stay on track. He explains that pairing the right people, technology and workflows with a culture of teamwork and pushing the status quo, is key to maximizing profit, building wealth and leaving a legacy.


Henry has a strong passion for helping agencies position themselves to thrive and perpetuate. He has helped existing agencies navigate through handing their agency down to the next generation. He has also taken great pride in finding young agents with the passion and drive of a business owner, and setting them up with established agencies for possible perpetuation down the road.


Since VIAA members can earn revenue in 5 ways with each policy they bind/renew, Henry excels at helping independent agencies identify opportunities for immediate revenue lift all while remaining in full control of their cash flow and ownership. Through his assistance and guidance, our members have averaged over 20% growth YOY as opposed to the national industry average of 6.5%


Henry has earned the honor of winning Top Recruiter from SIAA over the last 11 consecutive years. He also serves on 4 insurance company leadership councils.

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Avg Agency Growth YOY



"The entire team at VIAA is such a pleasure to work with! They provide help at every step of the process, which is invaluable!."

— Sara B.
Agency Owner

"Joined an agency aligned with VIAA about 3 years ago. As a whole they are a phenomenal organization filled with very driven and equally kind people focused on your well-being and helping you succeed simultaneously. I have worked with their sales coach and it has taken my book of business and daily efficiency to the next level. Truly blessed to be a member of VIAA"

— Tom J.
Agency Owner

"VIAA has been an amazing support for our agency as we transitioned from captive to independent. They continue to offer us support and the latest industry updates as we continue to grow our business."

— Jessica H.
Agency Owner

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