Fall 2015 Conference & Product Fair

The Fall 2015 VIAA Conference and Product Fair was a huge success!  Special thanks to all of our Strategic Partners and Members.

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A Google Business Profile for your Independent Insurance Agency is an often overlooked but crucial tool for any independent insurance agent. Considering over half of Google Business Profile interactions end in website visits, this free resource has unlimited potential to boost your business. Here at Valley Insurance Agency Alliance, we’ve personally seen a positive impact on our business from our Google Business Profile. However, we don’t want to keep the secrets of success to ourselves. Keep reading below for more information on why a regularly updated Google Business Profile is vital for your independent insurance agency. What is a Google

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How to Grow Your Commercial Insurance Book of Business

Successful commercial agents focus on one primary mission, and that is creating and growing their commercial insurance book of business, but how do they do it? Even though the insurance industry is known for its traditions, whether it’s marketing or how they sell policies, to customer engagement, the industry as a whole has been reluctant or slow to adapt to technological. Unfortunately, what has worked in the past is not enough to reach new customers anymore and those stuck in the past are missing out on ways to grow and expand their businesses. Here are five proven ways that an