Employee Spotlight
Mathew Myers

Personal Lines Specialist

Our VIAA (Valley Insurance Agency Alliance) family highly values all of our employees. Each month we put a spotlight on one of our employees to show them how much we appreciate their success in our agency. This month we have spotlighted Mathew Myers.

Mathew is greatly valued as our Personal Lines Specialist. He has been with our family since 2014. When asked if he could have any kind of super power, what would it be, he answered, “The ability to heal all wounds and sickness.” On his off time, Mathew enjoys spending time with his two kids and fur baby. Thank you, Mathew, for your perseverance. You represent VIAA to the fullest.

See what his co-workers have to say about him.

Co-Worker Comments

Mat’s extensive knowledge in the personal lines spaces makes him extremely valuable and wonderful resource for the team. He is caring and always willing to go the extra mile to help one of his ISM’s or any team member.

Mat has been part of the VIAA/Powers Family for a long time and it has been quite an experience working with him. Mat is the “Come Back Kid”! Over the years we have seen Matt push through difficult times and no matter how bad things are, he always manages to smile and keep his sense of humor while he’s going through it – beating the odds. One of the reasons he can do this is because Mat really cares. He puts his own struggles aside and cares about our agents, his coworkers and his family and makes each individual feel like he/she is the most important person at that moment. He will bend over backwards to make us all happy.

Mathew is genuinely helpful and nurturing.  He treats everyone with the utmost respect and when engaged you feel like nothing else matters more to him than your immediate need at hand.  Mathew is a team player and a phenomenal dad to his kids.  He is resilient and the glass is always half full no matter the challenge at hand.

Mat is awesome! He knows his stuff!  Always willing to help me out!

Mat has a heart of gold. Would take the shirt off his back to help anyone. He’s loyal, hard-working, dedicated and positive.

Always helpful, always kind. ?

Mat is very knowledgeable on insurance coverage and claims.  He patiently and graciously assists our members with all of their insurance scenarios.  Mat is the most determined person I know, both on a personal and professional level. Mat’s motto should be “Challenge accepted!”.

Mathew is extremely knowledgeable.

Mathew is a PL Guru!!  He’s able to help on personal lines with not only new folks in the insurance business but also the season vets.  His 15 years’ experience in PL sales, service, claims, standard companies, nonstandard companies, etc., is a tremendous value to the membership of VIAA.  I enjoy working with him and most of all, Mathew is a great father!!

Mat you have always had a positive outlook on everything and that projects onto the people that surround you.

Mat is an asset to Valley for his loyalty to the ISM’s and his helpful attitude.

Mat is a tremendous resource of knowledge on personal lines. I love his enthusiasm, passion, and willingness to share with others.

Mat has been invaluable in coaching members and their account managers with technical personal lines knowledge and carrier appetites.

Mathew is a very kind person and a great co-worker. He is very knowledgeable about the carriers for VIAA and is willing to help whenever needed.

I have had the privilege of working with Mat for the last 2+ years and he truly is dedicated to helping our members grow. He has gone through more than most people have in their life times and still remains positive and consistent in his work and attitude. You can always count on him for a smile and he is genuinely good person! It is an honor to work with him and I am always hoping for the very best for him.

I value Mat’s well rounded knowledge in the industry. I can count on Mat to give me current data so as to better serve our VIAA members. Mat’s guidance and mentoring allows our members to fast track to success as he maintains a current pulse on companies, underwriting, and rates, and valuable tips for better ease of doing business. A true asset to our team and VIAA Family

I love Mat’s positive attitude. He comes to the office with a smile and fun stories almost every day.

Mat is a great and valuable resource to VIAA Members and is always willing to go above and beyond to help the Member agency and their TEAM better develop in the PL space. He is a TEAM player for both VIAA and POWERS.