Employee Spotlight
Janice Dunphy

Illinois Regional Vice President

Our VIAA (Valley Insurance Agency Alliance) family highly values all of our employees. Each month spotlight one of our employees to show them how much we appreciate their success in our agency. This month we have spotlighted Janice Dunphy.

Janice is greatly valued as our Illinois Regional Vice President. She has been with our family since 2014. When asked if she could have any kind of super power what would it be, she answered, “I would want the supernatural power of LOVE. With that I could transform the angry, evil, hurt, and hate filled hearts and replace it with authentic love.”

Janice goes on to explain, “It is most important for me to become a better version of myself each day. To become the best Wife, Mother, Daughter, Aunt, Friend and Regional Vice President.”

See what her co-workers have to say about her.

Co-Worker Comments

Janice’s is the truest example of a leader to follow. Not just a leader at work but a life leader as well. The way she loves God, the way she is proud of her family and the way she bring pure joy to each day is an example I’d like to follow. Thank you, Janice, for showing me an admirable path.

Janice is saintly.  I consider her a friend, a second mom, and an inspiration.  She has also become a living example of the consciousness I hope someday to achieve.  Beyond that she works hard and smart.  She keeps it real and approaches difficult situations with tact. Janice RULES all the seven kingdoms!!!

Janice is one of the most thoughtful and loving people I know, we are so lucky and thankful to have such an amazing person on our TEAM!!

Janice is a burst of positive energy, joy, and warmth in our office. I truly feel lucky to work with her and have occasional lunch-room chats.

Janice truly cares about everyone she comes in contact with. Her smile is contagious and she is one of the strongest people I know. She is a mom to all and a friend like no other.

We are very lucky to have Janice as part of our team. She is one of the bravest, sweetest, most kind-hearted person I know. She ALWAYS has a smile on her face and willing to lend a helping hand.

I just feel more happy whenever I’m around Janice. She has that amazing personality that lifts everyone around her!

Janice is a ray of sunshine.  She is genuinely concerned about and works so hard for our Agents.  She brings an infectious energy to the office and all those she meets. I am blessed to work with Janice.  She is a real asset for our team and the agents that belong to VIAA.

Janice is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. She always has a smile on her face and brings so much joy to the office. On top of those amazing qualities she is always dressed to impress. She’s a true professional inside and out. Unfortunately, I do not get to work one on one with her but having her positive attitude in the office is truly a benefit and blessing to us all.

Janice is an amazing person, spirit, friend, advocate, and associate. Janice is always positive and brightens everyone’s day when they see her.

Janice is a wonderful person and sincerely cares about each ISM that she services.  Her deep faith is evident in all she does.  She always brings a brightness to the office when she is here.

She cares so much about helping people which is why she is the perfect team member to develop a relationship between an agency owner with the desire to grow and VIAA with the desire to help them grow and perpetuate their legacy.

Janice Dunphy brings a special warmth to the Powers/VIAA Family that just wasn’t there before she arrived. For years we have considered ourselves a close knit group of family and friends whom love to work together as a team. However, Janice has brought us to a whole new level. She is passionate about her faith, country and mission to help others and her enthusiasm is contagious. She has brought about an awareness and appreciation amongst us for our wonderful country and the freedoms it guarantees to us, its citizens. She has stood up before our entire organization of over 200 people and representatives from 50 partner companies to encourage support for our servicemen, their families and those in need. Janice reminds us of our patriotic duty as she leads us in The Pledge of Allegiance before our meetings. She also helps us to be thankful for our gifts and to share our gifts with others. Janice is a faith-filled person. She has been quietly fighting cancer – yes –  quietly without complaint. Armed with faith, total trust and prayer Janice continues to win her battle.  Her attitude is always positive – no matter how difficult her day has been and when she is in the office she emanates joy to all those around her. She is never too weary to listen to others and tend to their needs. Everyone loves Janice and depends on her to serve them well – always with a smile. I do wonder how many are totally unawares of the burden she carries. Hopefully, her example will rub off on a bunch of us. We could use more people like Janice. They would make our World a much better place.