bill kaatman

Mission: Evolve

Bill Kaatman

Digital Agency Coach

I help turn existing procedures into efficient digitally automated processes. 

How I help VIAA Members:

As the digital agency coach I help members implement new technology into their agencies.  Each piece of new tech provides the agency and staff with an easier path forward.  My goal is to help all our members maximize efficiencies and enable them to do more with less. Automated processes allow staff to spend less time on non-income producing activities and more time deepening relationships with clients.  

Favorite Part About My Job:

I like taking what feels like total chaos and helping turn it into an organized process one small step at a time. The best part of my job is when an agency owner realizes they have reclaimed time after implementing a new automated process.  I enjoy when Members feel more confident their customer experience is being implemented exactly the way they want it to for every customer.  

Fun Fact:

I am a recovering smoked meat-aholic, I smoke meat 3 days a week on average.  


Bill brings an 18-year proven track record as a risk management professional and had earned the highest accolades at every level. Bill has spent the majority of his career with two fortune 500 companies, where he learned under some of the best training programs in the industry.

Bill is known within the insurance industry as a digital marketing pioneer, most notably for his success in helping his referral partners and other agents improve their own digital lead generation. Bill’s passion for helping shines, not only when he is speaking with clients, but also when he is sharing business ideas with fellow referral partners.