The core strength of the Independent Agency system is its ability to offer options and consultation. As predictive modeling improves and companies move from individual risk underwriting to portfolio underwriting, the industry self-commoditizes. This puts emphasis on your ability to differentiate your value proposition from that of your competitors. Perpetual training and education ensure you and your team remain at the cutting edge. Developing talent organically comes with an opportunity cost as your knowledgeable staff pours hours into training raw talent. Our three-pronged approach to training and education mitigates this time dump by providing valuable content through a structured process. Learn more about the Career Development tools available to our Members below or call to discuss integration.

Product Sales & Training

The training modules highlighted below are a portion of what’s available through the Training & Learning Center (TLC). It was developed with your busy schedule in mind. The training modules are available on-demand and are designed for breaking points every 20 minutes so you can come back to where you left off as your schedule permits. All training is proprietary and is available to Members Only.

Acord Form Training

SIAA built these ACORD training modules for all of the most commonly used forms. It provides a general overview and then allows the user to take a closer look at each individual section. At this level the instructor covers what boxes need information inputted in order to be deemed “complete”. Get out of the way and let your new producers get their COMPLETED apps to market and eliminate hours of training from productive associates.

Fear-Less Sales Training

Uses real world scenarios, practical exercises, useful handouts, and eye-opening demonstrations. Features five educational modules that reinforce the proven traits of every successful sales person:
  • M1: Adapt to Social Styles
  • M2: Value vs Price
  • M3: The “Right” Questions
  • M4: Account Rounding
  • M5: Overcoming Objections
  • Live Demonstration

Agency Growth System

AGS Policy Review Game Plan is a ready-to-deploy, field proven sales and marketing strategy that will improve retention, increase profit, and ensure agency growth. AGS Policy Review Game Plan is designed to:
  • Open a dialog with challenging customers
  • Generate an incredible volume of activity
  • Ensure a dependable flow of business

BOP Made Easy

Introduction to POP (Business Owner Policy) is an interactive training course designated to help a student to better understand the basics of the BOP coverage. Introduction to BOP covers the following:
  • BOP Eligibility
  • Performing a needs analysis
  • Collecting necessary information
  • How to address customer’s needs
  • ISO Business Owners Coverage Form

SIAA Risk Analyzer

The SIAA Risk Analyzer transports the student to a series of common business types, allowing the student to learn more about the exposures/risk factors for each of these business classifications. Featured Business Classifications:
  • Small Doctor’s Office
  • Janitorial Service
  • Small Garage
  • Beauty Salon
  • Retail Store
  • Small Office
  • Electrician
  • Restaurant

Cyber Liability 101

The SIAA Cyber Liability 101 course provides the student with the core information crucial to understanding cyber liability. During this course the student will learn:
  • What cyber liability is
  • Understanding the difference between first and third party liability
  • What are some of the cyber liability trends?
  • Common cyber liability scenarios
  • SIAA cyber liability insurance solutions

QS 103 – Developing Your Pipeline

QS 103 is one of a 5-part series that covers other topics like Best Practices to Building Profit and the Sales Process. Developing Your Pipeline was built for insurance professionals who want to improve their ability to attract, qualify, track, and engage prospects. This course includes implementation of an agency CRM that helps you manage your sales pipeline with minimal organizational skills.

COOP Program:

Did you know agents with a designation from the National Alliance earn 28% more compensation than agents with no designation? Consumers have access to information at their fingertips more than ever before which is why it’s increasingly important to be an expert in your trade. This is why VIAA invests its own money to coop anywhere from 25-100% of the cost: coop-afiscoop-cisrcoop-clccoop-clcscoop-crmcoop-wedge

Continuing Education:

Enroll and participate in online CE courses to secure the required CE credit for your license renewal. SIAA has entered into several relationships with educational institutions that offer focused certifications and advance instruction on a variety of insurance related topics. Courses include worker’s compensation, fraud detection, identity theft, D&O, risk management courses pertaining to construction, agriculture, and many more!