Career Development

The core strength of the Independent Agency system is its ability to offer options and consultation. As predictive modeling improves and companies move from individual risk underwriting to portfolio underwriting, the industry self-commoditizes. This puts emphasis on your ability to differentiate your value proposition from that of your competitors. Learn More

Operations Development

Developing relationships and delivering exceptional service are paramount to your long-term success. In order to develop scale within your operation, you must build a team that meets a unified and consistent service expectation. Whether you grow your agency talent and volume organically or through acquisition, there are lots of ways to do it wrong. Let us help you avoid common mistakes and excel your success. Learn More

Program Development

Whether you currently have expertise and substantial controlled premium in a specific niche or you would like to choose a niche to focus on, we have both established programs and the ability to market well-performing books to carriers and negotiate terms. Learn More