Why we are here?

Perpetuation of the family agency system by listening, understanding, and effectively integrating tools and solutions.

How do we do it?

Strategic partnership governed by the golden rule.

What we are looking for in candidates?

Loyalty – faithful to commitments Fairness – free from bias or injustice Dependability – worthy of trust Sincerity – truthful, frank Empathy – imagining another’s shoes Ambition – the desire to work

What is SIAA

The SIAA model began in 1983 in the Northeast as SAN Group. As SAN Group expanded its reach, founder Jim Masiello realized the need to have local expertise. He understood the unique exposures associated with each region, had working relationships with regional leadership, and knew the regional and mutual carriers necessary particularly in rural property. SIAA was formed in 1995 and this “local expertise” was identified, qualified, and implored with building the region. Watch this short video to help understand the structure:

Who is VIAA

SIAA approached the Powers family in 2001 to explore a possible fit. There was a genuine interest but, at the time Pierce Powers was still building the retail agency and did not have any of his six kids in the business who could focus on the SIAA model. It was mutually agreed to keep the line open and fortunately the decision to engage one another was made in 2005 and VIAA was formed in 2006. Pierce was at one time part of a cluster house with nearly 20 partners. Deciding to go on his own in 1991 was challenging but rewarding. Pierce shares the passion of helping entrepreneurs sustain and flourish in this ever challenging marketplace. Watch this short video to help get a feel for the VIAA family: Our Passion is Your Success Transparency is Power
Beyond the basics, SIAA has been helping agency owners gain market smart year-over-year and our results prove it effective. In 2014 SIAA grew $902 million of which 80% was organic growth. SIAA is the largest Agency Partnership model in 2014 according to Insurance Journal by a factor of two. We recognize there are only 7 days in the week and the best marketing strategy is no good unless you can commit the time it requires to properly execute.

Think Big! Be Big!

A team is not a group of people that work together. A team is a group of people that trust each other. Help us heal you.
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